Our most rewarding work has been those special places
that can best be described as found not created.


Places where nature plays the leading role. There are the
6,000 acres of Castello di Casole in Tuscany, where we
started knee deep in mud, walking ancient ruins, even before
roads were in, but 2,000 years after its first owners called it home.

Let us tell you about the turnaround at Miraval

in the high Sonoran Desert,
and astonishing LEED certified residences.

We’ve found ourselves on horseback at 9,000 feet in Colorado,

at the dead end of a 16-mile gravel road,
bringing a Greg Norman masterpiece to life.

In the Monument Valley, hours from civilization,

where the words of Edward Abbey and Wallace Stegner
inspired an Aman resort and residences.

And on 20,000 acres of Low Country marsh,

where a conservancy office is the most prominent
address on the village square, the echos of Pat Conroy
are carried by the tides and our spokespeople were those
best versed in what makes Palmetto Bluff so special –
its conservation and program staff.

Philippe Bourguignon


Vice Chairman, Revolution Places w/ Steve Case
Former CEO, Euro Disney
Former Chairman, Club Med
Co-CEO, Davos World Economic Forum
Co-Chairman, Exclusive Resorts
Client at Exclusive Resorts
Client at Miraval Resort
Client at Cacique Costa Rica

Kevin Hayes


President, West Point Development (Mauna Kea, Hawaii)
Former COO, Roger Stabauch Company
Client at Hapuna Resort Development

Amy Drake


Director of Sales & Marketing, EPOCH Sarasota, FL
Former Director of Marketing, MS/Coldwell Banker, Sarasota
Client at EPOCH, Sarasota
Client at Roco Ki, Dominican Republic

Sonia Tolbert


Chief Operating Officer Festival Napa Valley
Former Marketing Manager, Timbers Resorts
Client at Multiple Timbers Projects
Client at Festival Napa Valley

C. Kathleen Donnelly


Director of Marketing, Catalyst Group, Charleston, S.C.
Client at Tumble Creek / Suncadia
Client at Auberge Nanuku, Fiji

Brent Handler

Founder, Exclusive Resorts, Founder, Inspirato
Compass helped launch Exclusive Resorts

Agency Overview +
Structure & Compensation

How We Work

Budgets are developed in conjunction with our clients, and each project is then estimated, approved and initiated on a project basis. We have no retainers or consulting fees. The agency retains media and production commissions, which cover account and general administrative services. We consult regularly with all of our clients, with enthusiasm and without charge.

Campaign tracking and reporting would be coordinated between print, digital, social and SEO teams in conjunction with internal sales metrics. Again, team effort. We endeavor to minimize costs associated with reporting.