Think only opportunity when Roco Ki comes to mind. Opening in 2009, Roco Ki is poised to be one of the great luxury destinations in the world, with a repertoire of brand names that do not go unnoticed. Think The Faldo Legacy Course … a course that has already begun to garner international acclaim from the world’s golfing elite. Think Westin® Roco Ki Beach & Golf Resort/Dominican Republic… the first luxury resort at Roco Ki and possibly the most extraordinary. Think Heavenly Spa by Westin… one of the few Caribbean destinations that will ever offer this elite spa. Think Fairmont… a hotelier synonymous with opulence, coming soon to Roco Ki.

Think this is only the beginning.

Timing is of the essence for a resort of this caliber. To simply consider these options is valuable time spent on what may be yours before the world finds out. Act now to make this opportunity yours.