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Our Passion Is Hospitality & Luxury Real Estate Marketing

Compass is deeply and personally committed to our clients. And so, we are deliberately small… serving only a few clients at a time, typically for many years. Our first clients are still with us... 30 years later. Our size allows us to focus intensely on each client, communicate effortlessly, and implement creative solutions quickly and seamlessly.

Compass has represented billions of dollars of real estate interests for clients with annual budgets from $150,000 to $20 million. All receive the same level of passionate partnership.

Equally important is our commitment to our talented employees. At Compass we believe in establishing enduring relationships with our employees not only because we recognize their talent but also because we want to keep them on our team. Armed with this knowledge, they can then confidently invite outside specialists and other partners to help with projects as needed to provide the most comprehensive solution available.


Compass is a full-service provider of marketing communications. From strategy and business planning through all aspects of advertising, collateral, website development and ongoing conversion and membership initiatives.

We maintain a diverse portfolio primarily servicing clients in the resort and real estate arenas – destination clubs, whole and fractional ownership, spas, and luxury hotels. Compass also has a depth of experience in marketing industrial and architectural products, significant non-profits and entire group specializing in health care.

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