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All in the Details

One of the keys to the success of Exclusive Resorts, Timbers Resorts and the luxury real estate clients we serve is understanding how people think about real estate investment, second homes, vacations and the quality of their lifestyle. Essential ingredients in making our proposition meaningful are our passionate love of architecture, an understanding of the luxury lifestyle capturing a unique sense of place. We create rich, compelling and seamless integrations between destinations, resorts, real estate and experimental lifestyles.



We live to serve. Period.

We have helped to create not only brands, but to define new categories that have vaulted clients to industry leadership. We have rescued troubled and confused brands, enabling them to again dominate their markets. We have helped clients who are under-imaged and under-appreciated gain their rightful market share. And many times, we have simply had the luxury of working with already successful companies to help them reach even loftier heights.

Agency Overview +
Structure & Compensation

How We Work

Budgets are developed in conjunction with our clients, and each project is then estimated, approved and initiated on a project basis. We have no retainers or consulting fees. The agency retains media and production commissions, which cover account and general administrative services. We consult regularly with all of our clients, with enthusiasm and without charge.

A team that cares with and for you 365 days a year.

We are adept, creative and richly experienced across every media platform, from print advertising to direct mail, digital and collateral. What else? All creative work is done in-house which improves turnaround and efficiency, and reduces costs to clients.

Seamless Integration

Compass turnkey solutions are especially attractive to clients without significant in-house marketing teams. For example, both Hapuna Beach Residences and Maryl Development in Hawaii, as well as Clear Creek Tahoe and EPOCH Sarasota have no marketing personnel. We perform virtually all services in house – from creative to media, digital to video production, SEO, SEM and traditional print placements to integration with public relations. In other instances, we seamlessly mesh with client marketing teams that include a dozen or more on staff.