Reestablishing the Brand

A troubled financial past had left even the most dedicated Aspen lover skeptical about the future of this iconic property. The arrival of new owners and new operations demanding sales results called for the restoration of its tarnished luster. Today, after selling out all of the fractions in the original project, the success of the campaign has led to the opening of a second phase of residences and penthouses, now also about to sell out.


The Brand Platform

The affluent flock to Aspen to see and be seen. They want to rub elbows with the elite, to be seen, noticed. This was observation #1. The second observation was that the primary competitor in this market, the Little Nell, had just introduced a major new residential offering. Both our and the Nell’s residences sold for prices approaching $1,500 per square foot. But Dancing Bear is as wildly decorated as the Nell is subdued, bathed in cream color. DON’T’ BLEND IN was our way to play to the competition.

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Quintessentially Aspen. Undeniably One-of-a-Kind.

The rebranding process is as always built around a strong theme and content to support it. In the case of DBA, the objective was not only to capture the essence of Aspen but creatively stage the lifestyle to play off the brand position 'Don't Blend In'. Here, lifestyle meets architecture in perfect harmony at the corner of Aspen's most desirable address.