Starting A Success Story

We are proud to say that we helped create not only a company, but an industry. For we were one of four in the room at the birth of Exclusive Resorts. Our task, with a shoestring budget was to articulate a new luxury lifestyle product, requiring an unsecured deposit of up to $400,000 and annual dues of up to $60,000. The principals had no travel, real estate or hospitality experience. Prospects could not visit a property. All sales were via telemarketing. Real estate was appreciating at up to 25% annually, and yet members in this new venture would not share in equity appreciation. Sounds daunting, yes?


The Creative Proposition

Compass delivered entire marketing and strategic positioning during the start up phase, during which there was virtually no budget and no margin for error. Target member development was 300 members in three years. Central to the positioning was an emphasis on the financial aspects of homeownership, envisioning how members would utilize the club. The creative proposition put forth a simple financial proposition…that club membership was a more prudent choice than owning yet another home. Media focused on financial press, not travel lifestyle press.


Advertising across six major channels… including all media analysis, negotiation, buying and audit
1.2 million pieces of direct mail monthly across dozens of lists, from prospects to pipeline to members
Fulfillment of 6,000 leads per month, individualized by salesperson
Integration with American Express, Nieman Marcus, NetJets


300 members in 10 months
3,500 members in 36 months
300+ properties in 36 months
$2.5 billion in owned real estate