Conservation Reimagined

In part, our program was designed to return the brand to its original and quite magical roots – which are built around conservancy. But at a strategic level, the initiative was much larger – integrating different operators and stakeholders – from conservancy operations to the hotel operator to real estate development and sales – the destination needed a single brand identity and path to engagement.

We'll Play Through...

The recession had brought real estate sales virtually to a standstill. There were only 30 homes occupied on the Bluff’s 20,000 acres. Things were decidedly quiet. And yet the quaint Inn received accolades, was routinely sold out, and with the Auberge flag flying, was a destination of some renown. But the Inn website was disconnected from the resort and real estate at large.

Powered By Digital

Compass strategy delivered a single marketing communications platform for the destination – effectively maximizing traffic while minimizing expense.


Staying Current

Now, all digital and print initiatives delivered prospects to a single site, whether their inquiry was for a visit or real estate. Instead of multiple sites to maintain, the single site offered an always current, deep dive into the magical low country lifestyle.

Forward Progress

Compass refocused the Palmetto brand, bringing vibrancy and importantly, created a single, integrated destination website (where there had been several). An impressive body of work and measurable results owed to an engaging prospect acquisition and conversion process – online, interactive sales kiosks, a new lifestyle magazine, and highly regarded advertising campaigns.

No marketing program can take credit for the dimensional influences of the resort operations, real estate development and the economy at large. This noted, the strategy of a single conduit for all digital communication, a unified brand and engaging CRM yielded sales increases seen at right.