Calling All Escape Artists

Nakoma is 1,200 acres that sit in the majestic Lost Sierra, an undiscovered region just north of busy Lake Tahoe. Our campaign to reinvigorate both resort and real estate sales centers around the concept of Escape Artists – families looking to escape the insanity of the world we live in. This is where ... ‘getting away got away to’. For Nakoma, our scope included a new brand, and marketing for each service line (golf, hotel, F&B, spa) as well as real estate sales.


Lead Generation & Sales

Distance, remoteness, lack of conveniences, depth of programming, and body heat, especially today. Off seasons are especially long up here. In marketing, our audience is large and diverse – challenging to target.

Print Collateral

For the past several years, Compass has been immersed in communications at Nakoma Resort. The initial rebranding project began with a new logo, identity suite, business cards, collateral, broker presentations, e-blasts and more. From here, photoshoots, direct mail and ongoing regional print advertising efforts have focused on driving traffic not just to the resort but also to new homes and homesites.


At the end of the third quarter in just the first year with Nakoma, web traffic was up 202% in Site Page Views. From April 2017 when Compass deployed the new website, to April 2019, the site attracted more than 150,000 users who spent more than two and a half minutes on average. YOY Hotel & Service Lines Monthly Increases Up 30%-100%.